Imprima Platform Morocco, based in Tangier in the Free Trade Zone, is strong of the twenty-year expertise of a team of professionals in the apparel production and in the logistics of Asia and Middle East, combined now with the unique and exclusive reality of Imprima’s textile printing know-how.

An expertise that always offers complete solutions to your requirements, as we manage every single step of the production process and supply chain. But we go further and are ready to customize these solutions to meet your every need.

We put all our efforts so that our proposals mirror every single detail of your brand’s identity. Besides we assure you that everything in the collections, from planning to finished products to production follow-up, perfectly suits seasonal trends.

Quality is ensured at every step: a highly skilled team is working for you. But we do more: we guarantee transparency, responsible sourcing and sustainable cooperation. Our mission is to give each client perfectly finished garments according to the concept “one stop shop”.