We are designed for innovation. And much more.


Imprima. From our name you can already guess who we are. And that in our imprinting there is all the commitment of an international player in textile printing, together with the strong will to be first for quality and service.

Style, fashion and design are in our DNA. But what makes us really up to date our continuous research in technologies, creativity, process innovation, sustainability, employees training. And, of course, all the value of an international character.

Founded in 2016, thanks to Wise Equity SGR investments, Imprima is young at heart but at the same time full of expertise. In fact the Group is an exclusive combo of brands with years and years of history in the textile culture.


One after the other, each new acquisition has added new skills, quality, creativity and service. That’s how, in few years, Imprima has become a prominent brand in the market. Among the major textiles European companies, the Group acts successfully both in the “Collection” and “Fast Fashion” areas, with refined printed fabrics and finished trendy garments.

Two production sites in Italy: one in Bulgarograsso (Como) and one in Lonate Pozzolo (Varese). A centralized 8.000 square meters logistic Hub in Caronno Pertusella. More than 400 employees in Italy, several industrial and commercial sites in France, Germany, Morocco, United States, Brazil and China. All this is Imprima. An essential accessory for your business.


Designed to grow.

Ours is more than a mission. It’s the desire of founding our work on imagination and creativity. We wish to be the benchmark partner in the global market, able to offer creative, innovative, sustainable solutions and textile products. And to generate value for the stake holders, by enhancing our traditions and capabilities.


Sustainability printed in mind.

Our vision is part of our nature: we have always cared for sustainability. But today, we want to do more: our ambition is to become a world textile company with zero impact.



Switching from “me” to “us”.


Always be a “podium” player.


Go everywhere “with eyes shut”.


To be always alright with your consciousness.


Today's development for tomorrow's generations.


To consider others as ourselves.


Imprima S.p.A. has achieved an important milestone in the development of its organisation: the adoption of the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 (hereinafter referred to as Model 231) and a Code of Ethics.

In order to adapt the control system to the requirements expressed by legislative decree 231/2001, a special project was launched, aimed at creating a risk prevention and management system inspired both by the provisions of legislative decree 231/2001 and by the principles that we root in our governance culture. The project was concluded with the adoption of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics by the Board of Directors, which entrusted a Supervisory Board with the task of verifying its operation.

The Supervisory Board is composed of Mr. Ermelindo Lungaro.

The Code of Ethics adopted defines with clarity and transparency the set of values that inspire us and has been prepared to establish clear rules of conduct for the performance of our professional activities. In particular, the Code offers each of us a behavioural and ethical reference framework to guide our conduct in responding to the challenging and sometimes difficult choices we are faced with.

It is important that each person who interacts with the Company in various ways should read this material in order to bring it to life and give substance to the principles of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics.

Each person is invited to report conduct contrary to the principles of Model 231 and the Code of Ethics, in full protection of confidentiality, as follows

  • by e-mail, through the mailbox dedicated to the Supervisory Board (odvimprima@imprima.group);
  • in paper form and confidentially, by ordinary mail addressing them to the kind attention of the Supervisory Body of Imprima S.p.A., Corso Italia 22, postcode 20122, Milan (MI) / Via Ferloni 42, postcode 22070, Bulgarograsso (CO) with an indication not to open the envelope.