Smart development, for tomorrow’s generations

When you deal with fashion you have to be smart. In fact Imprima has brilliant, high tech solutions also in the field of sustainability. We always put consumption control first, with products that for their planning, raw materials, type of processing and end-of-life behaviour reduce the impact on the environment.

Furthermore, where possible we eliminate or reduce the use of harmful substances, by using alternatives technically effective to improve existing production processes. Finally, we commit ourselves as for energy efficiency, by reducing costs and limiting consumption, especially of water resources.

Imprima does more than respecting nature. We have close to our heart the health of our employees and of the consumers. That’s why we have rationalized all production processes. An innovative research approach aimed to create a different way of conceiving investments, more ethical and sustainable.

In fact the Group aims to become ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliant and, with the support of leading international companies, has carried out a specific corporate plan to reach this objective, by drafting a specific sustainability report.

Great is also the commitment as to energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction. Numerous are the revamping actions with LED technology and the installation projects of photovoltaic plants on roofs, of high-efficiency cogeneration, or of thermal power plants for the high efficiency production of steam (integrated to those previously installed with efficiencies of 95%). We also intervened in the strengthening of waste water recovery from production, allowing further savings of water resources, as well as the installation of plants’ remote control systems for energy purposes.

– 30%


– 40%


– 10%


Results are remarkable. Electricity consumptions have been reduced by up to 30%, while wastes up to 40% and CO2 emissions up to 10%. By using BEM (Building Energy Management Systems) technologies, further Green to Ware efficiencies will be carried out later within each production line activities.

Finally Imprima pays close attention as for water consumption. Each production unit is provided with discharged waters recovery systems, so that they can be recycled in technological processes, as an alternative to the normal supply sources.

Waters that are being treated are the highly and the average wasted ones, by means of distillation processes, chemical-physical treatments and biological depuration. Also in this field results are noteworthy: reduction of almost the 50% withdrawal from existing water supply sources and many remarkable benefits for the environment, like reducing by half waste water transferred to the public depuration plant and ensuring a better quality and an easier way to treat waters.

No doubt Imprima is a real partner for Fashion Industry: it helps in all senses. Even in the civic sense that considers respect of nature and people’s health an essential must.


The aspect of “environmental quality and sustainability " is an issue of substantial environmental activity in order to have an increasingly eco-sustainable development of the company's production activity and to ensure a continuous improvement in the quality of life for future generations. The Imprima Group is aware that an ecological and eco-sustainable orientation of its business, as well as the achievement of objectives for improving its environmental performance, leads not only to a better level of business, but above all to the creation of long-lasting values. In this area of ​​reference, the Management is committed to adopting an Environmental Management System, compliant with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard, which guarantees the prevention of pollution and the requirements of customers and relevant parties, of its operating context. This is pursued through the search for the improvement of its environmental performance and the continuous expectations of customers in terms of sustainability